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We all know by now that an online presence is a must for any business or personal brand.


You might also know that WordPress is the best tool to create a professional Website.


Whether you are in a rush to get your business online or have no clue of where to start, this service is for you.


Some entrepreneurs drown in Web design tutorials to do it themselves and end up frustrated and giving up because of technical issues and how time consuming it is to get familiar with the tools. Or resign to have an ugly and impractical Website that doesn’t represent them nor helps them to sell.


I don’t want you to be on that spot.


That’s why I created this «express» service where you get your new Website in only 3 days.


This is a service designed to save you hundreds of hours of learning and headaches.


You just have to do the fun part!

Get your new Website in just 3 simple steps

Choose the design that best suits your needs
Send me your contents
Relax and in 3 days your Website is ready!

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What does the service include?

Installation and configuration of WordPress on your Web hosting.

Creation of six main sections: Home, About me, Contact, Services, Landing Page and Blog.

Security settings: Installation and configuration of plugins to repel attacks, avoid spam and restore your Website in case of disaster.

Customization of the colors of the Website to match your brand identity and upload of your logo.

Customization of the fonts of your Website. You can choose from more than 650 that are available in Google Fonts.

Links to your social networks and a subscription form.

Installation and basic configuration of the Yoast SEO plugin so that you can work on the SEO of your Website from the WordPress text editor itself.

Contact page with a form linked to your email.

Pages of privacy policy, cookie policy and legal notice. They are required by law. You will save fines ranging from €300 to more than €6000*

Responsive design: Your Website will be adapted to mobiles and tablets.

*The legal texts I insert in the privacy policy, cookie policy and legal notice pages are generic formats based on the GDPR. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about the specific legal frame of your services and the processing of data on your Website.

What this service does NOT include

It is important that you understand exactly what you are buying.

This service is very complete, but it has its limitations.

If after reading this list you still have questions, I recommend that you take a look at the FAQ section below or send me an email to info(@)


Domain and hosting. They must be of your property and therefore you must buy them yourself. If you don’t know which one to choose, I recommend Chemicloud. It is the one that I use and I am very satisfied with the speed, security and support. With its starter plan (€3.25/mo) you will have plenty to start with (and it includes a new free domain). They offer 7 server locations around the world for your convenience (choose the closer to your main audience. Options are in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia).


I don’t produce or edit content. I don’t write texts, I don’t edit images, I don’t upload blog entries or modify anything that is not specified here. The Website is delivered with the sections offered as you see it in the demos. Any additional modifications would have to be budgeted separately.


I don’t create or configure your external accounts. I link your social networks and the subscription form, but the accounts must be previously created and configured by you.


Modification of the template code. I customize the colors, fonts and upload your logo, but I don’t make other modifications to the template. If you want something more personalized, my Handcrafted Web Design service might be what you are looking for.


Installation and configuration of additional plugins. I install and configure a basic plugin package so your Website does everything I describe in this service. Surely you will not need more, but if so, you will have to install them yourself.


Here are the answers to questions I am often asked about this service. If you still have doubts after reading them, please fill out the contact form and I’ll gladly answer you.

If you have decided to hire this service, just fill out the form and we will start the process. I will send you an email with the payment details and the information I will need to make your Website. Once I receive your payment and ALL the information I need to make your Web, I will get to work. In 72 hours you will have it ready.

No. This service is as I present it in the Demos and in the descriptions on this page. If you need a more personalized design you may be interested in my Handcrafted Web Design service. In any case, after I hand the Website over to you, you can make all the modifications and improvements that you consider if you have some WordPress knowledge.

Bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP and ARS. Credit card. Paypal. Payoneer. Bitcoin, some altcoins and stable coins. Surely no more options are needed, but if the one you have access to is not listed here feel free to ask me.

Yes. The technical part is exactly the same in this service and in the custom Handcrafted Web Design.

The price difference lies in the 100% personalized service of the custom design. In the Handcrafted Web Design service I take care of the customization of each page, install more plugins if necessary and give 2 hours of support by videoconference at the end of the service.

If you need a more complete design or a more personalized attention than what I offer here I recommend my custom service, but if this fits you, you can hire it with the guarantee that your Website will have exactly the same technical base that I use in custom designs.

It depends on how long it takes you to send me the information I need from you. Once I receive it your Website will be ready in a maximum of 72 hours.

Take into account that I can work on a single Website at a time under this service. Make sure to don’t delay your decision: First comes, first served.

All communications for this service are made via email. Once your Website is ready I include a half an hour call at your disposal to ask me any questions about basic management of your Website so you can update your contents in the future.

This service is paid 100% in advance.

Before starting you should have purchased your hosting and domain.

Also you should have ready ALL the materials you want me to include in your Website (logo and colors of your brand, your images optimized for Web, texts and if you have preferred fonts from the Google Fonts database).

If you want me to link the subscription form to your email marketing provider and include links to your social media accounts, you should have the accounts already created.

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