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Did you know that more than 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day?

That volume grows by roughly 10% yearly (imagine during the last year!).

It’s like reinventing the wheel to say that an online presence became a must for any business.

Not only to survive but to use it in their favor: If 34% of “near me” searches result in store visits, imagine the potential audience you can reach out there when you position yourself in the digital world.

The sky’s the limit, popular knowledge says –maybe Pluto now?

All in all, you have an idea, a business or personal brand to share with the world. And nowadays the world is at a fingertips reach.

Most entrepreneurs and companies don’t have a well designed and optimized Website for delivering their message and sale their product –and many who have it don’t know how to take advantage of it.

Why to have a 100% customized Website?

There will be no other like yours.

The design will adapt to the needs of your content, not your content to the limitations of a template.

If you have a clear image in mind of your dreamed Website or want me to build it from zero to reflect the uniqueness of your brand, this fully personalized WordPress Web Design service is for you.

I started to work as a Web Designer to help digital entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses to share their gifts, to somehow contribute to create a better world one Website at a time.

I take care of every detail of the design so that it expresses what you want to communicate. As the artisan who gives life to a unique piece that represents the soul of an idea, a project or a story on each handcrafted work.

You won’t have to worry about any technicalities. I speak your same language and will take care of everything: WordPress installation, technical adjustments, tools, design, basic optimization so that you appear on Google… everything to make you shine in the online world!

You will have a Website with an attractive and professional design, consistent with your brand image. A Website with a good user experience so your visitors become clients.

Plus, I won’t leave you alone with your Website.

After finishing it, you will have 2-hour support at your disposal to ask me any questions about how to manage it (Yes, you will be able to update your content whenever you want and grow your Website after I hand it over to you).

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